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    • About US

      LiKui Bearing Co.,Ltd

      Linqing City Likui Bearing Co .,Ltd is established in 2002,we have own producing line and quality control system, Our main products like Tapered Roller Bearings,Cylindrical Roller Bearings,Spherical Roller Bearings also has the right to self-exports, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, India, Russia, the Middle East, Europe,South America and regions to establish a long-term good cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign businessmen.
      Our Registered trademark is RGZ and also supply OEM service,We offer high quality products with reasonable price and short delivery time.We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory guidance, exchange, create brilliant.



    Welcome you!

    Company:Likui Bearing Co., Ltd

    Address:Panzhuang Industrial District,Lingqing City,

    Shandong Province,China

    Zip code :252000





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